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Welcome to PetStruggles, an online platform that covers the latest pet product reviews, pet care, pet training and some helpful advice about choosing the best pet for you!

People all around the world own pets and PetStruggles aims to provide them with the latest and up to date information to take care of and have fun with their pets.

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The PetStruggles Mission

If you are a pet owner or soon to be one, PetStruggles aims to be your one-stop online source for pet training tips, unbiased pet product reviews, and pet care advice. Our dedicated team of experts have decades of years of experience as vets, trainers and product review experts.

PetStruggles mission is to provide all this information free of charge so our readers can depend on it when looking after their pets.

We are also looking to add experts to our growing team, so if you think you have what it takes to join the team at PetStruggles, please get in contact with us!

Meet our team

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Dr. Maureen

Senior vet

Dr. Maureen is a qualified and registered veterinary surgeon and an epidemiologist. With over 6 years of experience in Veterinary Medicine as well as 4 years of experience as a researcher, Maureen provides informative and well researched articles making her a valued member of the PetStruggles team!

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Dr. Sarah

Senior Vet

Dr. Sarah is an exceptional and well respected veterinarian who has been sharing her expertise with the readers of PetStruggles for some time now. In her spare time she loves to ride horses and cuddle up with her 3 boisterous dogs. 

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Senior Content Creator

Shamontiel L. Vaughn is a full-time, freelance editor/writer with 13 years of newspaper, magazine and online news experience. The Chicago native spent two years in brutally cold Marquette, Michigan and graduated from her slightly warmer alma mater Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri before deciding Chicago was her permanent home.

Author Shellie Alyssa


Content Creator

Shellie is a key team member at PetStruggles. With first hand experience raising a pup she has a wealth of knowledge with all things dog care!

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Content Creator

Andrea is a proud dog owner and key contributor to Pet Struggles. She has combined her love of animals and excellent writing skills to provide only the best recommendations and content to the readers at PetStruggles.

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Tegan has many years of experience as webmaster on different pet-related websites. Tegan combines her passion as dog owner with website management.

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Manuela is our web designer, yoga and pet lover. With over 7 years of experience as a web developer, web designer, and webmaster, she is one of our most invaluable team members at PetStruggles.

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