dog owner's hand feeding her corgi with her hand

Best Corgi Puppy Food

Adorable little Corgi’s are lively, athletic, strong, sensitive and bright. They were bred to be excellent herding dogs and are...

Goldendoodle sitting at the grassy backyard

Best Crate For Goldendoodle

In an ideal world, you wouldn't need a Goldendoodle crate. Your dog would be on his best behavior, and he'd...

close up of beautiful labrador dog eating in a stainless bowl

Best Dog Food For IBD

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is a syndrome that causes painful reactions in the dog’s intestinal tract. Dogs who suffer from IBD...

dog laying on the sand with a colorful sombrero on

Best Spanish Dog Names

Everyone knows Latins have so much love to give not only to their families, but to their pets too. Well,...

hunting dog running through field with duck in its mouth

Best Hunting Dog Names

One of the best things about owning a dog is the potential to take them out in the wilderness for...

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Royal Canin vs. Blue Buffalo

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