Garfield the cat

What Kind of Cat is Garfield?

Have you seen the popular cartoon about a chubby pizza-loving orange cat with an attitude? The Garfield cartoon by Jim...

fat cat

How Do I Fatten Up My Cat

Cats can be fat, skinny, long-legged, or short-legged. Commonly their actual figure is masked due to their fur. How often...

Is My Cat Bored_Featured Image

Is My Cat Bored? 

Does your cat look sad and have no desire to do anything? You might think it's a bit out of...

Cat Panting featured image

Why Is My Cat Panting?

If you are looking for some fun and adventure in a new pet, a cat can be a wonderful choice....

DIY Wooden Dog Crates Featured Image

DIY Wooden Dog Crates

When making the decision to use a crate for your dog, there are a lot of different options. You can...

Labrador eating out of bowl

Mixing Wet and Dry Dog Food 

Providing your dog with a healthy and nutritional diet is an important part of being a responsible pet parent. However,...

Do Bark Collars Work? 

Have you received complaints from your neighbors about your dog’s excessive barking? If so, chances are you are looking for...

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