Best Probiotics for Cats PetStruggles

Best Probiotics for Cats

Probiotics are an essential product that provides overall good health for pets. They contain a variety of ingredients that are...

Cat Wearing a Military Costume

Best Cat Costumes

When Halloween comes around, there’s nothing more fun than deciding what costume you should make or buy. But choosing just...

Kitten Walking Through a Cat Door

Best Cat Door

You may have heard of dog doors, but cat doors exist as well. Compared to dog doors, a kitty door...

Cat Coming Out of the Cage

Best Cat Cages

Cat cages are an essential tool for keeping your pet safe and happy. You might notice that your cat often...

black cats outdoors on the grass

Black Cat Names

Some people get scared when they see a black cat because they believe the stereotype that they bring bad luck....

cat looking at a smart vacuum

Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

Dog hair is everywhere! Almost every pet parent says those words while attempting to clean the house. Your adorable little...

two cats smelling a medicine in a mans hand

Pepcid For Cats

Pepcid is popularly known as famotidine. It is an extra-label drug (not solely used in cats) used in veterinary medicine....

cat inside a backpack

Best Cat Backpack

Sometimes, cats aren’t comfortable being put in a carrier due to not being able to see where they’re going. For...

Best Cat Collars

Unlike dogs, cats are not typically made to wear collars all day when at home. The main reason why pet...

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