Woman brushes hair of her white maltese dog

Best Brush For Maltese

Charming, playful and gentle, Maltese dogs are known for their beautiful fluffy white coat and soulful eyes. Their coat needs...

pomeranian in a dog crate

Best Dog Crates

When people talk about crating dogs, they may have the misconception that dogs need to be locked up all day...

brown pitbull being brushed by an adult woman

Best Brush For Pitbull

It is essential to understand the coat of your pitbull to ensure you get the most appropriate brush. Pitbulls have...

doberman female dog sitting on a chair with heart pendant collar

Best Doberman Dog Collars

Dobermans are loyal and affectionate dogs, making them some of the best family pets. These dogs were initially working dogs...

corgi dog playing on the grass with toy ring on mouth

Best Corgi Dog Toys

Corgis, like all dogs, love playtime. They have strong personalities and are great family pets. If you are thinking of...

cute puppy poodle sitting on training pad with poop on the side

Best Dog Pee Pads

Bringing a new puppy home is exciting as much as it is work. You need to implement some strategies to...

sick dog with thermometer on mouth

Best Dog Thermometer

Your furry friend requires regular monitoring to ensure it stays in full health. This means you will need some essentials...

african kid reading a book with chihuahua dog inside a teepee at home

Best Dog Teepee

Teepees originated with the Native American Indians and were used as portable personal living environments. Today, teepees can be seen...

mix of dog breeds outside on lawn

Best Dog DNA Test

Adopting a dog from the shelter can be one of the most rewarding moments in your life. You are saving...

Human hand brushing golden retriever's soft fur

Best Brush For Labs

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds to own. Labs are easy to train, loving, make great...

boston terrier wearing a martingale collar

Best Martingale Collar

If you are struggling to find a more comfortable collar or your dog happens to have a larger neck than...

mastiff looking to the side

Best Mastiff Crate

Dignified, good-natured, and courageous, the Mastiff is a massive dog breed that is an excellent protector as well as a...

beagle on a leash outside on the footpath

Best Dog Leashes

Finding the best dog leash for your four-legged friend will always be a matter of opinion and dependent on each...

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a girl putting a dog toothpaste on a toothbrush with her cute puppy labrador

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